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Look through a pool of job opportunities across various companies to explore the best fit for you. As a user, or Smarty (clearly since you've made the right move by joining us :D) you'll be able to look up job positions on your own. In addition to that, our AI-backed system will also recommend similar job posts to you and also, recommend your profile to other talent-hunters.

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Create Convincing Profile
Our AI driven profile creator automatically suggests different ways, you can personalize your professional profile according to your needs. It will make easier and faster profiles which will align with the needs of each stakeholders.
Job Matching
Our powerful algorithm has a job scanning system which will match your skill sets with the available job descriptions. Our AI based Matchmaking engine does a semantic search on job openings and suggests the most relevant jobs to applicants. It also finds Gems for recruiters by doing a semantic entanglement of candidates with jobs.
Real-Time Feedback
Keeping transparency our top priority, applicants can monitor their progress via dashboards and notifications. Passionately following your application status is the job of SmartRecruit. You can do 360 monitoring of your applications with dashboards.

End-to-End Recruitment Drive

SmartRecruit offers an end to end recruitment process. Our AI backed system consolidates information of all the candidates coming from different sources, automatically highlights the skill sets from candidates' profiles and notifies about the application processes step by step. In a nutshell, let SmartRecruit do the grunt work while you can save tons of your precious time.

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Integrated Recruitment Space
Integrate different platforms through our automated systems. Sources such as Manual Uploads, HubSpots, and Emails etc. can get unified in one space. SmartRecruit integrates segmented information in different silos - emails, Hubspots, cloud - into a unified lakehouse of recruitment metaverse.
Customizable Selection Parameters
Personalize scoring tabs for interviews and assessments with our customizable scoring parameters. A recruiter may design novel recruitment funnels - consisting of job specific rigorous assessments and interviews - to hunt the gems who have an innate talent entanglement with the job description.
Tracking And Reporting
You can track records of applicants' performances and our AI system will provide a report for your personal analysis. You can navigate the applicants' Gem verse using semantic search engine and AI based matchmaker and filter the candidates based on the outcomes of your recruitment funnel.

Key Caring Indicators

Our thoroughly researched AI system can provide best quality indicators for your recruitment drives. It has a hassle-free tool to match your recruitment needs. It will automatically check trends for the vacant jobs, make a comprehensive report about the number of daily applications, enables the stage breakdown for the job and indicates the required time-frame for the recruitment process. Our AI based talent hunter and gem miner has smart visualizations and dashboards that allows a recruiter to manage complex and large recruitment drives in autonomous, efficient, and effective fashion. It intelligently keeps track of trending jobs, daily number of applications, and the applicants distribution in different stages of a recruitment funnel and displays them on customizable dashboards of recruiters.

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Time to Hiring (TTH)
The KCIs indicate how passionately and with a full devotion a recruiter is executing a recruitment drive.
Stage Management of Recruitment Funnel
This is a comprehensive view of how the number of applications fall from one stage to the next and so on. A recruiter can keep track of applicants that are in different stages of a recruitment funnel, identify the bottlenecks and remove them and move applicants in a hassle free manner across stages of the funnel.
Applications Statistics
There are a number of suitable indicators to keep you posted about the hiring process and the success stages of the candidates.

Massive Recruitment Drives

We also offer a feature of bulk hiring which can quickly fill the shortage of workers by enabling AI backed system that can configure the same people at one platform. It will keep recruiting cost at the minimum and enable with the efficient results. SmartRecruit is your true companion to empower you to efficiently and effectively run massive recruitment drives where the influx of applications is huge. Time to Hiring is still bounded within required limits, the system is scalable to handle such a massive influx of applicants and still provide a high quality of service.

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Bulk Resume Parsing (Massively Parallel Processor)
For the hectic job of mass hiring, our AI-driven system consolidates matching resumes in bulk and creates a platform of smooth hiring processes. For complex recruitment drives, SmartRecruit ingests large influx of applications, containing CVs, from a number of different sources and enables you to efficiently process them using our massively parallel resume processor.
Smart Navigation of Funnel
The personalized criteria will quickly promote the huge number of suitable candidates towards the next stages. You define the acceptance criteria to filter and move a large pool of qualifying applicants across different stages in a single click in real time.
Real Time Status Updates
Each and every candidate in the system will be timely posted about the job procedures. The profile of every candidate is kept updated and available for review to candidates. The status update notifications are automatically sent to a large pool of applicants on a click.