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Look through a pool of job opportunities across various companies to explore the best fit for you. As a user, or Smarty (clearly since you've made the right move by joining us :D) you'll be able to look up job positions on your own. In addition to that, our AI-backed system will also recommend similar job posts to you and also, recommend your profile to other talenthunters.

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Click Profile Creation
Our AI assisted profile creation process automatically identifies useful information in resumes to make experience easier and faster for candidates.
Job Matching
Applicants are automatically mapped to all available job vacancies and are recommended the most suitable positions.
Real-Time Feedback
Applicants are kept in loop of their current progression via dashboard and notifications ensuring transparency.

End-to-End Recruitment Drive

With Smartrecruit, you'll be able to drive your recruitment process end-toend. Our system allows you to gather all applications coming in from various sources, automatically parse resumes for candidate profiles, and configure application stages for automated processing and notifications. In short, let us do the hard work while your take a sip of cappuccino or tea and relax.

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Sourcing Integrations
Integrate multiple sources for recruitment drives such as Manual Uploads, HubSpot, Emails, etc.
Flexible Stages
Build flexible scoring pipelines, such as Interviews, Assessments, etc., with adjustable weightages and parameters.
Tracking And Reporting
Track candidate performance across multiple job posts and create instant reports for holistic overview and analytics.

Key Performance Indicators

We've done polls and scoured across platforms to find out what performance indicators would aptly quantify the success of your recruitment drives. Our minimalistic yet thorough dashboard allows you to check the application trend for your job posts, a comparison between the daily number of applications from the previous day, the stage breakdown for a job post, and, an overview of the average life span of a recruitment process.

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Hiring/Rejection Cycle
These KPIs give you an indication of how many days it takes between the start of an application and the final decision.
Stage Breakdown
This is a comprehensive view of how the number of applications fall from one stage to the next and so on.
Application Trends
Multiple indicators are present on the dashboard indicating measures such as the application trends across time, the application count across various institutions, etc.

Bulk Hiring

Bulk hiring is a hassle, you say? No worries, we've got you covered. In fact, our system does the job quicker than you can say 'Bob's your uncle'. Our AI-backed system is able to handle the bulk upload and parsing of resumes, application processing across various stages, and automated notifications for candidates.

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Bulk Resume Parsing
Upload and parse resumes in bulk and create candidate profiles for further application processing.
Bulk Stage Navigation
Based on the defined stages, the system allows you to move the qualified applicants to the next stages based on the set criteria.
Bulk Notifications
On every stage, the system is able to send out emails to all applicants within the stage.